Professional Liability Insurance Products for Dentists

Insurance for Dentists, New Dentists and Dental Students

We offer the Professio nal Protector Plan for Dentists in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. The Professional Protector Plan was the first fully integrated insurance program for dentists. It combined professional liability, general liability and property insurance into one package product. This integrated package reduced dangerous coverage gaps and expensive coverage overlaps.

  • Dentists

    • The BEST insurance coverages to meet the needs of your dental practice.

      The Professional Protector Plan is a fully integrated insurance program for dentists with many components to help you manage the risks associated with your profession. The Professional Protector Plan lists the different coverages and products offered to help you find what best meets the needs of your dental practice.

      Insurance Coverage Options Available

      Stand-alone Professional Liability Insurance

      Claims-made & Occurrence

      Professional Liability Insurance and General Liability Insurance Complete package policy, which includes:

      Professional Liability Insurance
      General Liability Insurance
      Property Insurance Coverage

      General Liability Insurance and Property Insurance Coverage

      Other Insurance Options We Can Provide:

      Workers Compensation Commercial Auto Insurance Commercial Umbrella Insurance Disability Insurance

      Financial Stability of Insurance Carrier

      It can take years for a Professional Liability claim to arise, and even longer to resolve it. A client needs to know the insurer will be there. Rated “A” excellent by A.M. Best for the past 75-years, CNA offers extraordinary financial staying power, the financial strength that allows the program to remain continuously available, even though the changing market conditions.

      Consent to Settle Clause

      The Professional Protector Plan's Consent to Settle clause puts you in the driver’s seat. We will not settle any claim without your consent, a feature that is not offered by every carrier.

      Vicarious Liability Insurance Coverage

      This insurance coverage is a must for any dentist in that they can be held liable for actions of employees, independent contractors, employed dentists and even specialists to whom they refer patients. Vicarious Liability coverage is specifically included in the Professional Protector Plan policy language for all these exposures.

      Disciplinary and Licensure Insurance Coverage

      This insurance coverage pays the fees, costs and expenses to defend you against state regulatory action promoted by an otherwise covered injury or damage. Defense costs are covered up to your professional liability limits.

  • New Dentists

    • Insurance for New Dentists

      The Professional Protector Plan for Dentists insurance program is designed to accommodate the needs of new dentists. We offer comprehensive coverage with competitive insurance rates to new dentists starting with our $50 policy and discounts for the next three years following. Our policy includes worldwide coverage.

      New Dentists – Buy $50 Policy Online

      New Dentists Florida

      Florida - Allied Protector Plan

      New Dentists North Carolina

      North Carolina - Allied Protector Plan

      New Dentists South Carolina

      South Carolina - Allied Protector Plan
  • Dental Students

    • Insurance for Dental Students

      Dental Students Dental Student Resources

      The Professional Protector Plan for Dental Students offers an extensive program designed to meet the needs of students while enrolled in dental school.

      Protect yourself financially when you perform clinical services and take your board exams. The annual liability insurance premium for our student policy is $25 and will provide liability coverage up to $1 million per claim and $3 million for all claims during the policy period.

      The dental student professional liability insurance coverage protects you during your dental training and dental board exams, while our equipment insurance coverage protects your dental instruments, textbooks and equipment. Our policy includes worldwide coverage.

  • Risk Management

    • Comprehensive Dental Risk Management Program

      The primary goal of a dentist’s risk management efforts should be to reduce risk of patient injury or dissatisfaction, thus diminishing the likelihood that a malpractice claim is filed. We help facilitate a preventive risk management approach for dentists and their staffs. Risk management information is available to insureds through a variety of ways, including live continuing dental education courses, risk management newsletters, sample letters and forms for dentists and an online continuing education course.

  • Cyber Liability | Data Breach

    • Cyber Security / Data Breach Insurance

      Storing sensitive information on your network or connecting to the Internet makes your network a resource that can be easily exploited by criminals. Cyber crime is rapidly coming to the forefront of crimes committed. A cyber criminal can be as close as next door or half way around the world to commit a crime against you or your business. You can be held liable for sensitive information that was retrieved from your data base.

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